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Sunday, September 30, 2007
i loveeee ikea! 6:51 AM

for some reason, i had fallen in love with IKEA at first sight. seriously.

i've always loved looking at pretty things--be it artwork, clothes, or interior spaces. and i love it even more to look at pretty and CHEAP affordable things! i believe that you can have beauty without breaking the bank (okay, too much DIY consumption for me..)--and yes, i also love DIY projects, even though i barely ever do them myself.

so that's why i was HYPNOTIZED when i first got my hands on an ikea catalogue--i think it was a stolen loan catalogue of ikea singapore. i remember it was the 2004 (or 2005) edition. i had no idea where my mom got it. but I ADORED IT.

i simply loved their ideas and ideals--and i believed almost everything they say. i completely embraced their concept: why pay someone else to do what you can do yourself?? like, NOW YOU'RE SAYING, MAN! hahaha XD and they had such beautiful things and beautiful settings in the catalogue... wow.

the first time i actually stepped inside the ikea store in singapore was probably last year. i think my family knew it was coming--they knew i worshipped ikea, and i was probably gonna insist that we visit the store even though we're only staying for two or three days. and i would totally take my time going gaga over everything, hehehe. and it was fun! i loved how the room settings are so realistic, and i loved the low prices. well, some, at least. i bought the flower nightlamp that i never got to use, boo hoo.

and today i was just browsing the new 2008 catalogue and i suddenly want to go there again!! i went there about two months ago, when i just arrived, but now I WANNA GO AGAIN!! i already have all sorts of these ideas bubbling inside my head (i wanna buy this and i'm gonna get this for that...) WALAOOOEEEE!!! iiihhh but i dunno if i can go leh, cuz i couldn't possibly go alone, but i dunno if my friends want to come...

so now i ask myself, what exactly is the purpose of this entry??

there you go. the singaporean in me. hahahahahahahha!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007
back in singapore: miserable meeee. 10:30 PM

i flew back to singapore last sunday, and the night before that was my friend dea's sweet seventeen party. they served this kind of wine at the party--and i only drank ONE GULP. and one gulp was all it took to get me ill (or maybe also because of the seaside wind all night)! my whole face was burning and i got a terrible headache...

and then the next day--which was my departure day--i vomited twice! once in the car on my way to the airport, and once more on the plane (damn turbulence). it was bloody disgusting, eeeekkk! to top it all off, it turned out that my hostel's aircon broke down... so i had to sleep in a ridiculously stuffy room. WALAOEEE!

as if the situations weren't horrible enough, i caught a fever that night--i dunno, all i know was that my head was burning @____@ luckily i got better overnight, cuz i was afraid i had to skip school the next day (HA! more like i was glad to MC hehe)...

wow. you know, getting sick in another country is a sad experience, really. usually, back home, i had my family who'd look after me. i had a maid to help me do things. i had my mom who would make me good, healthy food... and now i have almost no one! but yeah, i guess all of this is what you should expect when you live overseas. besides, i get to learn how to be independent, which is something i'm usually proud of!

well, thankfully i'm all good now. the aircon still sucks, though. and school's already starting, and the homework's going to pile up soon.. huwalao. i should make the most of my free time while i still got some, right? hahahaha...

last days of fun! 8:12 AM

well, after what seemed like ten-or-so glorious days in the great jakarta, i am finally back in this hutan beton singapura. so many things to tell! where to start, eh?

* last friday, my girlfriends and i went to this new cafe called star cherry (norak ya namanya). so the thing with this place is that they lend GAMES to the visitors--board games and other kinds of things you can play with your friends. because we were already tired, all we wanted to do was to EAT. couldn't possibly play the smart, brainy games, cuz our brains were already exhausted!

some of the games that we played are... TUMBLING MONKEYS!! so it's kinda like uno stacko, you have to remove sticks one by one but you cannot let the monkeys drop from the top of the palm tree... and I LOST--quite unfair, actually, because i got the last stick! hahaha but it was bloody fun and i LOVE monkeys!

because of my current love for primates (oh and i was also wearing a very funky monkey t-shirt that matched the games!), i then suggested we play another monkey game: JUMPING MONKEYS!! whahahahahhaha, this time, you get this kind of catapults that you have to use to throw the monkey so that it can hang on this tree. STUPID RIGHT?? bloody fun, though!!

* then, ika-yun-and i got to hung out with the guys... well, namely, iceng and mar. it's been quite a long time since we last hung out together (with yun, it was the first time, actually), and it was so great to be able to laugh with them again!! iceng was just as stupid and always full of gossip (en TETEP MONYONG DONK!), and maybe even more dirty (as in JOROKSELALU) , hahaha. mar, on the other hand, was a bit quiet, but still kurang ajar, heheheheeeee....

and guess what we played? FOOSBALL!! it was the first time i ever played it, and being girls, we were incredibly LOUD AND LOUSY, hahaha XD surprisingly, though, it was quite an exercise, cuz after two games all of us were sweating and exhausted... but in my case maybe it was because i kept screaming every time someone slipped a goal through me! at first, yun and i lost 10-2 to ika+iceng (PATHETIC?), but then after mar joined us we blasted them for 10-4!! waiiii waiiiii!!!
waaahh belom puas main sama kalian semua, niy... sepuluh hari terlalu singkat, ya?

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Monday, September 17, 2007
wishing, hoping. 9:25 AM

it's ridiculous how i sometimes still wish for the impossible.

mengapa sampai sekarang aku masih mengharapkannya. walau hanya selintas dan berlalu.

masih, masih, masih.
masih belum sepenuhnya terhapus.

takut, takut, takut, takut.
ketakutanku akhirnya mengecewakan diriku.

bodoh, bodoh, bodoh, bodoh, bodoh.
hanya itu kata yang cocok untukku.

and i keep on wishing, and hoping, and i always end up getting disappointed.
why do i never learn?

why am i sooo pathetic?

gotta get over you...

over the last few days #2 = disturbia 4:58 AM

last saturday, i managed to push my mom to take me to the heavenly shopping destination of jakarta: MANGGA DUAAA!! hahaha aku senang! sialnye, pas gue pergi tuh lagi rame luar biasa (kayaknya musim lebaran deh), yang bikin enci-encinya belagu, dan harganya lagi agak2 tinggi gitu. after a lot of walking and a lot of struggling through the crowd, i bought = (1) white woven belt @ 20k, (2) blue mid-length cardigan @ 100k, (3) 3pcs of tanktops @ 20k, (4) zoo tycoon dvd, (5) jay chou movie!, (6) the complete season 8 of friends. all in the span of four-and-a-half hours. hahahah!

after mangdu, my mom, my sister, and i rushed to my cousin's house 'cuz he invited us to have spaghetti at his place. we had a good meal, and our cousin ever-so-generously offered us a drink--a cocktail or wtv you call it...i think it was sth called "midori" mixed with fanta. it was nice, actually, and it only contained the slightest bit of alcohol, but that managed to get me a bit loopy all night, man. STUPID, righttt? i am evidently very vulnerable to alcoholic drinks. not long after that, my cheeks were burning and my head was slightly dizzy.

eniwei, setelah janjian dan pemaksaan di hari jumat, gue-ika-jeselin dan anak2 bleklist (goin, gavin, omenk, ity, ceki) pun setuju nonton malem minggunya. nggak ada film bener-bener bagus, sih, tapi kangen banget nonton sama mereka! abis biasanya kan tiap ada film bagus gue dan ika selalu menyerbu omenk, hahahaha...

untuk menyesuaikan dengan waktunya, omenk n jeslin memilih film Disturbia, starring shea lebouf. we met yugen in the theatre, lho! the movie itself was, apparently, a thriller. WHY would i ever watch a thriller, i never know. i hate thrillers--especially if the movie was about psychopatic murderers... my gawd, they'd freak me out of my seat!

and that was precisely what disturbia did--freak me out! filmnya tuh campuran antara film seronok dan film sinting--a horrendous combination! i mean, shea lebouf was charming and all, but the movie was not very much. ooh and carrie-ann moss played his mother, that was cool. trus akhirnya sangat-sangat antiklimaks, IMO. bego banget deh pokoknya!!

trus satu-satunya yang menyenangkan dari film itu adalah ekspresi penontonnya. sederetan kita itu ada ceki-gavin-ika-gue-jeslin-omenk, kan, dan kita ribut sendiri sepanjang film. si jeslin menjerit-jerit megang-megang gue, trus si gavin yang ketar-ketir sendiri, dll. lucu juga kalo dipikir-pikir, hahaha. i'm proud to say that i was quite brave during the movie--not SO brave, but yeah gue memaksakan diri menonton sebagian besar filmnya.

abis nonton, gavin yang kelaperan mengajak kita makan di ropit WGP. kita ngobrol dan ketawa-tawa... sebetulnya situasinya agak aneh gitu sih, tapi yaa begitulah kalo kami bertemu blacklist. SUNEEEE! hahahhaha. i missed them so!
on to the next entry #3!

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over the last few days #1 = es buah nyaammmm! 4:33 AM

hah, time for a real update, finally~!

okay, so last friday i got to visit SMAK 5 again! it was overwhelming, actually. the school still reeked of green opera and you could find traces of the event everywhere. i came to school one hour before the dismissal bell (thx for nuthin MADA!) so i had quite a lot of time to look around by myself.

then i met up with yuyun upstairs, and almost immediately after that, i heard a SCREAM and i saw monmon running my way!! i squealed in return and next thing i know, ellen was joining us in the same way. it was crazy, hehehe. they dragged me inside their class, and a lot of ppl said hi to me. i know it sounds so vain, but i felt like celeb-for-a-day!

i met a bunch of friends and it was funny, y'know. i was only gone for, like, two months--but we all acted like it had been six. stupid, right? there wasn't much to catch up with, but we were all so excited to see each other. nggak banyak yang berubah, sih, tapi tetep aja semuanya terasa beda.

setelah semua kehebohan berakhir dan yang lain pada pulang, gue, ika, mada, didi, vha, en ndy rame-rame makan es buah kesayangan di lorong depan lap. basket. sbetulnya NGGA ENAK2 BANGET GITU SIH esnya, biasa aja, cuma kan istilahnya melepas rasa rinduuu, huwahahhaha.

actually quite a lot has happened this past weekend, i'm gonna split it into a few entries methinks. that's it for friday, next up=disturbiaaa!

Sunday, September 16, 2007
ketinggalan foto! 8:23 AM

foto lagi! ini foto dari POPBOX, blom gue crop ato edit karena agak males, hehehe. I HATE THE WIND EFFECT!! kipas angin nggak jelas yang cuma membuat jidat jadi jenonk, perhatiin deh. DO YOU SEE ANYTHING WINDY IN THE PHOTO?? i bet you don't!!

oh yeah guys, if you want to download any of the pictures, just click on it.


photobox! 8:04 AM

so these are the pics that we took in BLINGBOX and POPBOX (m-stud kelapa gading) today. i was a bit sleepy at first, actually, but then i brightened up immediately when i heard the word PHOTOOOO!! hahhaa, always the narcists we are!

everyone with their best smiles--wajah wajah cantik... kecuali ci martha!

being a movie star means looking snobbish and having a crown.

yang ini lucu.

MARTHA: "eeh pake SEXY dong kita cewek-cewek!" *stamp, maksudnya*

LALA: "kalo gitu cowok-cowok pake COOL dong!!"


matanya ci karin dan gradi: MIRIP BANGET GAK SEEH??

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Friday, September 14, 2007
yay photo! 4:05 AM

the first actual photo in my blog is of sandra and me, taken directly from sandra's blog (i hope she doesn't mind!)

buat temen-temenku di indonesiyah, sandra ini adalah temen sekelasku di nafa, lhoo. this photo was taken, IINM, during photography class (ha!) last monday. we made pinhole camera, and took several pictures--some nice, some just plain crap. the cool thing about going to art school is having all sorts of these activities, i guess.

eniwei, i wanna upload more photos, but it may take some time 'cuz my STOOPID COMPUTER in indonesia won't detect my handphone, thus not allowing me to upload the photos i took here. aargh. oh well. i'll figure out a way.


glenn fredly - HAPPY SUNDAY 3:15 AM

surprise, surprise!

hihihi, jadi hari ini tuh pagi-pagi gue bangun tiba-tiba dengan semangat '45. I WANNA GO SHOPPING!! soalnya kemaren si yuyun bilang, hari ini kamiseta SALE bo! kamiseta is one of my favorite stores--they have tops with very nice cuts and colours. but unfortunately, not today!

dengan semangat pejuang itu gue berangkat ke mol SENDIRI, jam SEBELAS pagi. i couldn't wait to get my hands on the sale stuff, i guess you could say. sampe di sana, udah rame luh, gila gak?? padahal mol baru buka 1 jem!! eniwei, langsung gue obrak-abrik itu tumpukan baju yang nggak terlalu banyak. maybe i spent about 40 minutes there... after much thinking, i decided to leave empty-handed. why? abis bajunya nggak ada yang bener-bener menarik hati, sih. dan gue berniat ke mangdu--mending belanja di mangdu banget kan?? hehehehe.

trus sambil berjalan ke arah pintu keluar, gue mampir ke duta suara. ada poster cd barunya glenn, and i love glenn, so i had to check it out. gue nggak punya duit, sih, but heh whatever.

WAW AKU TIDAK MENYANGKA~ cd baru glenn fredly, HAPPY SUNDAY, dikeluarkan dalam edisi hemat: 25rebu, bo!! cuma 25rb buat cd original~! emang packagingnya cuma karton doang sih ngga pake kotak, tapi tetep lebih baik beli original kan? apalagi kalo MURAH!!

nah kalo ini gue nggak pake pikir panjang deh. now i'm listening to it again. and it's quite good, actually!! album ini dibuka dengan singel "HAPPY SUNDAY", feat Baron, yang bernuansa dance dan sedikit rock yang bisa bikin orang senang! banyak aliran musik yang dicicipi si glenn di sini, bikin album ini lebih berwarna.

tapi fans setia glenn nggak akan dikecewakan, karena masih ada lagu-lagu balladnya yang cantik (try Ksatria Cinta--so romantic!). ada juga lagu yang menggugah kesadaran lingkungan, seperti Sayangi Bumi Hari Ini dan lagu catchy buat penguasa-penguasa, '45.

cuma nih, ngaconya, gue lagi memutar cd ini untuk kedua kalinya, kan, terus kok agak BESET-BESET gitu yaa rekamannya?? iih aneh deh. oh well, yang pasti akan gue rip secepatnya untuk mencegah hal-hal yang tidak diinginkan. i guess, you give some you lose some. you give less money, you lose some quality. OH WELL!

intinya, gue nggak kecewa karena batal belanja di sale kamiseta, gue bahkan cukup senang karena bisa beli cd glenn yang baru!! buat semua teman-temanku yang ngaku doyan glenn tapi nggak punya duit, PLEASE DEH!! hahaha, just spare 25k, guys, and you get a wonderful album in return! try it try it try it!!


Wednesday, September 12, 2007
changes 10:33 PM

something i just realized: it's amazing how things change in a mere two months.

i don't know how to say this exactly, but in some ways, home has changed. nothing drastic, though-- my parents didn't buy a new house or anything, but, yeah. like how everything is more tidy and in order (my house doesn't look as much as a shipwreck now, yay), how you no longer see my sister in her white-red uniform but now it's white-blue, and somehow the rooms in here feel a lot smaller than it used to be!

my friend/neighbor, yunita, dropped by last night and she told me how things have changed in school... how people have changed. from what she told me, i found out that my best friends have pretty much... well, strayed away from each other. my eight girlfriends and i--we weren't always together, but we were pretty close. but in the past two months, three of us left jakarta--tania, ika, and me. and i certainly didn't think that *that* would really change the rest of us--them.

gue ngerti banget sih, kalo mereka punya kesibukan masing-masing. kita semua punya kegiatan masing-masing, bahkan sebelum gue dkk pergi. tapi walaupun begitu, biasanya kita masih nyempetin paling enggak makan bareng pas istirahat, ato jalan2 nggak jelas di mol tiap weekend. i hope you guys still do that now--i hate not being a part of it, but i would hate it even more if it stopped completely.

it's possible that yuyun is paranoid, but i know how she feels. gue paling sebel kalo merasa jauh sama temen-temen kesayangan gue. kadang-kadang gue sendiri nggak sadar kalo gue yang menjauh, tapi gue sangat peka kalo temen-temen gue yang menjauh. egois, ya? hihihi

tapi mungkin ini cuma sementara sih, karena efek keadaan. kan belakangan ini skul sibuk banget, apalagi karena ada green opera. jadi mungkin perpisahan temen-temenku ini karena begini. i sure hope this "separation" is only temporary, and doesn't last any longer!

on a lighter note, the eight of us are having dinner tonight! yay! it's YURAKUUUUUU baybehhh~ i'm so excited to see all of them again--together. two months isn't that long, but it already feels like a year! yay yay yay!

what should my first post be about yaa? 10:22 PM

hello hello all! finally i have the time to create a new blog, since my livejournal is pretty much dead and shameful =P i am *soo* looking forward to better days with this one.

so right now i am BACK in my sweet and crazy hometown, kelapa gading. now that the dreaded assessment is over, i can totally sit back and relax and do things i've been wanting to do--for example: READ HARRY POTTER #7 hahahaha!

bad news is i still have homework. only two for figure drawing though, so i guess it could have been worse, and thankfully it's not!

now i don't know what else to write. blehhh.

first 9:57 PM

try try!