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Friday, December 28, 2007
results are out! 12:53 AM

after a long wait, finally, the nafa results are OUT! i had to ask my agent in singapore to email the results, cuz i really couldn't wait to find out.

turns out that the results were not exactly brilliant, though. my GPA is 2.8--which is just OKAY, and i was expecting something MORE THAN OKAY. i got 2 A's, 2 B's, and 3 C's.

disappointed, my first instinct was to create excuses for myself: I LOST 2 OF MY PROJECTS. my teachers were very picky-picky... and so on and so forth. shortly, i tried to tell myself that it wasn't completely my fault that i didn't score as well as i expected.

i was kinda scared to tell my parents about it, especially mom who usually has a high expectation from her kids. but you know what? my mom only said, "well, it's alright. you can score better next year, right?" i didn't expect her to accept it so easily and even encourage me about it!

it made me realize that no matter how many excuses i come up with to make myself feel better, deep down i know that if someone was to blame, it was me. if my teachers suck, then i have to work harder to get better results. i must take care of my projects so that i don't lose them again. there's no point in making excuses if you don't do something about it.

so, 2008, here i come! ready to make changes, and ready for a better future!

ooh, on the brighter side of days... tomorrow night i'm gonna have a barbecue party with my best friends! i wouldn't call it a new year's celebration cuz it's two days early, but since i've no idea what to do for new year's eve, might as well enjoy myself tomorrow. HAHA.

lately i've been very dreamy. as in i keep getting big dreams for the future. maybe it's because of this camp that i joined--ADAM KHOO, does that ring a bell, anyone? haha, anyway, at first i sulked about it--i wanted to spend my holidays with my friends and even though the camp was only 4 days long, it made me miss my church's christmas celebration!

but shortly after the camp started i immediately forgot all that. the camp was called "I Am Gifted, So Are You!" and it was really a new experience. i learned that to be successful, you need to have the mindset of success. success, in this case, is not only financially or academically, but also PERSONALLY. like the CHC pastor always says, "you are a person of destiny!"

anyways, i would love to share my experiences in the camp here, but there's too much to tell and honestly i don't really feel like writing much in my blog--hahaha. my mind is very... messy right now, as in i can't really concentrate on anything. whoopsie.

you know something i'm addicted to right now? FINAL FANTASY XII. it's insanely distracting me when i'm at home, all i want to do is settle in an armchair and hold that joystick in my hands and stare at that bloody tv screen all day long, which is quite destructive. hahaha. which is why i'm blogging right now. to get my mind off that stupid game. game like crack. so addictive.

you can see how destructive it is from the way i'm writing. UTTER NONSENSE AND POINTLESS. hahahahahha!

i better end this now. but not without a greeting!


a happy belated christmas
an early wonderful new year
for us all!
image courtesy www.fluffshop.com

Tuesday, December 11, 2007
god loves ugly 9:45 PM

below is the lyrics to a song by Jordin Sparks, winner of the latest season of american idol. the first time i listened to it, i felt like i could totally relate to it--i know thousands of teenagers out there would feel the same. not that i like to think that i am ugly, but there are numerous times when you're suddenly attacked by insecurity, in spite of all the confidence you have in you. and there are people who always feel that they're not pretty enough. now what's up with that?

well, this song tells you something important: God Loves Ugly. and it's all that matters. he sees what other people can't see in you, because you are all beautiful in his eyes. and you ARE beautiful, because God created you himself! he makes everything beautiful, especially you.

God Loves Ugly, by jordin sparks

You said that I wasn't pretty
So I just believed you
And you said that I wasn't special
So I lived that way

With critical gazes and brutal amazement
And how my reflection could be so imperfect
With all of my blemishes, how could somebody want me?

But God loves ugly
He doesn't see the way I see
Oh god takes ugly
And turns it into to something that is beautiful
Apparently I'm beautiful
Cause you love me
Whoa, oh

I tried to clean up the outside
All shiny and new
Worked over time to thin up and look right

But inside I knew
That deep in the bottom were secrets I thought I could try to ignore
Old ghosts in my corridors
Never get tired of haunting the past that's in me

But God loves ugly
He doesn't see the way I see
Oh god takes ugly
And turns it into to something that is beautiful
Apparently I'm beautiful
Cause you love me

Help me believe why you love me
When I know you see
You see everything
Help me believe why you love me
When I know you see
Inside and you still say I'm beautiful

You're telling me I'm beautiful
Your screaming out I'm beautiful
And I'm finding out I'm beautiful
You're making me so beautiful
And I can see I'm beautiful
Cause you love me
Whoa, oh


Sunday, December 2, 2007
don't feel like posting anything... 7:44 AM

but here it is, something to let you know i didn't die in an air crash from singapore to jakarta.

heeeeey. come to think of it, most of my posts start with cynical greetings, huh? okae, okae, must change my habit. let's start with sweet-sweet-hello's.

why, hello everybody! gee, it's been quite a while, i really miss you all, lolz! *giggles*

ohmygod, i make a horrible twelve-year-old *shudder*. just not me, issit?

anyways, i arrived last wednesday, if anyone's interested. luckily i had the chance to go out quite often since i arrived, otherwise i'd be brain-dead by now. but i got the feeling i'm gonna have a LOT of time to myself next week, since my friends are all having their exams.

let's see...

hari kamis gue ke skul, nimbrung anak2 osis rapat pleno (hihihi sok masih osis, geli ye?).. then i had a HATEFUL run-in with the most horriblest person in the whole school--sebut aja namanya dimulai dengan R dan diakhiri dengan ITA. tidak seperti guru-guru yang lain yang menyapa saya dengan baik hati, menanyakan kabar saya, dan lain-lain, tapi ibu guru yang satu ini malah mengusir gue, tau gak!! bilangnya sih, "dia kan nggak boleh masuk ke dalem, ya?" (ngomongnya sama temen gue, gitu).. trus pas gue bodo amat masuk, DIA NYURUH SATPAM NGUSIR GUE!! KAYAK GUE KRIMINIL GITU!

hahaha, sorry for the bitterness. i'm pleasant with most people, except a few, and she's one of them.

eniwei, jumat gue jalan ke mol (lagi) sama cewek-cewekku... cari kado buat temanku vhavha yang mau party! lalu hari sabtunya aku party! ...separty-partynya gue ya cuma sweet seventeen party, mentokkk, hahaha.

tapi gue seneng lhoh! soalnya pesta vha2 kemaren tuh dresscodenya HALLOWEEN, padahal tanggalnya meleset jauh. tapi tetep aja seru, 'cuz it gave us reason to dress up! gue memilih untuk menjadi... emm, penyihir cantik. KENAPA MESTI PAKE CANTIK YA? JADI JIJAY! hahaha! ehh, tapi gue lumayan niat lho. secara gue bawa lilin, jadi gue diberikan topi penyihir (agak aneh sih topinya, masa pake tengkorak2 gitu), lalu gue sampe BELI TONGKAT SIHIR gitu di singapur! 3 dolar bo! hehehek, padahal kalo diliat tongkatnya keliatan murahan, tau ga. bodo amat ah, kan lucu!

temen-temen yang lain juga banyak yang lucu-lucu, lho. yuyun datang dengan trisula homemade dari gagang sapu (culun ajeeee haha tapi bagus sih!). si pe-a datang dengan atribut gratisan cinemags: magic wand dan syal gryffindor, ceritanya dia jadi harry potter gitu! DODOL DEH! hehehe.

oh yang paling SIYAL mah si ika. dia kan tadinya diberikan hidung panjang oleh si empunya pesta. trus idungnya ga bisa nempel. JADINYA DIA DIKASIH KACAMATA+IDUNG+KUMIS+TEROMPET!! triple combo maut, huwakakakak! trus gue berhasil mengabadikan kehinaannya lagi. liat luh ka. blackmail is wonderful!

OH YANG PALING GOKIL MAH DEWI! dia datang dengan kostum a la cosplay yang lengkap... jadi samurai, bo! ya ampun, niat banget.... jelas aja dia menang best dressed...

wait for the slideshow to load, please... only four photos leh, hehehe! or you can click on the view show if it won't load.