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Thursday, January 22, 2009

God Elohim, He's truly great!

Elohim is the name of God the Creator. it defines God's personality as the creative God who created and perfectly shaped every being in the world, including the sky, the land we live on, and of course, you and me.

which explains why creativity belongs to the Lord. He defines creativity, because He's the Creator. His being is to create. He's the one who made nothing into something. He's the founder of originality.

and this is a truth that we, design students, should embrace. whenever we're stuck for inspiration, don't just fret and fumble, seek the Lord!

okay, so this is my testimony. this is so recent, like, JUST NOW! i gotta make this quick.

so tomorrow is my graphic design class. or to be exact, today at 9 o'clock. i need to decide on a product to report to my lecturer. the brief is to design the packaging for the product. problem is, i've been so busy (or slacking?) this week, i haven't had a chance to think about it.

i've been racking my brain since this afternoon. i wanted to do a product for adults, to challenge myself, because i tend to be kiddish and childish in nature... so i want to do an adult product, and no, it's not dirty. haha. anyway, I DON'T KNOW WHAT PRODUCT TO CHOOSE. gawat banget ga.

i mean, there are thousands of products out there. i went to the supermarket today, to get some ideas, but there were so many things, my eyes went blurry. during fellowship cg today, i kept asking my friends for suggestions. stuck, stuck. nothing clicked.

i went home at 11pm tonight. super late. and still no idea what to do for tomorrow. think, think. the internet decided to freak me out. stuck, stuck. i've been whining about my situation for the past 6-8 hours. my deadline is coming very very soon.

i even made a mind-map. my choices were: tissues, aroma-therapy, toiletries, and chocolates. i wanted to do tissues because they're so boring. but i'm afraid they're too boring to work on, and i'll lose interest too soon. okay. stuck, stuck. i need something.

then i came upon this magazine i borrowed, HOW magazine. it showed an award-winning packaging of a tub of ice cream. hmm. ice cream. why not. as i scribbled it down on my mind map, suddenly, ideas began pouring out.

ice cream. the cliched painkiller for broken hearts.

shortly said, i came upon a fresh concept for ice cream packaging. and then it struck me.

wow. this inspiration, it didn't came from me. i was depending on myself for the past 8 hours, and i came upon nothing. and once i was about to give up, the answer came falling down on my head. this inspiration... it's from HIM.

so yeah, God told me, "why are you so intent on working this out on your own? you should've asked me from the beginning. i've got all the answers! listen to THIS."

you rock, you rock, you rock, Jesus.

i learnt a lesson tonight. God the Almighty is the key to becoming a CREATIVE designer. He has a ton of great and wonderful ideas to share with you, and they're all about you!