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Friday, May 30, 2008
prince caspian & indiana jones 10:44 AM

so this past week, the only thing i did beside slacking? watching movies. this monday i saw The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian with mada and dee. then last thursday i went to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull with omenk and the crew.

well, what can i say? both were marvelous flicks with super kewl special effects. and the best thing is... i watched them for 15k each! that's around S$2.30 or something. ooh indonesia.

prince caspian was extraordinary. it was exhilarating. some people said that it was lame and disappointing, but that's maybe because they didn't get the moral of the story haha. i enjoyed the movie thoroughly. from the baffling humor to the smartly depicted action scenes..

and i absolutely loved the battle scenes. it was so exciting, because the many species' involved: centaurs, minotaurs, cheetahs, mice, beavers, badgers, horses... you name it. even tree creatures! that's the coolest thing about narnia. you get to see how each of them fight, and how they protect each other as well.

the saddest part in the movie was when the narnia fighters were surrounded and outnumbered inside the telmarine's castle. the gate to the castle was closing, and if they didn't manage to get out, they would easily be slaughtered by the enemy. so a minotaur (a bull-man) drove himself under the superheavy gate to let the other narnians escape, while he struggled with the gate and the attacks of the telmarines. in the end, he couldn't hold on any longer (well he did have 5+ arrows stabbing him already) and he succumbed, falling beneath the gate. the remaining soldiers of narnia left inside the castle was practically left to fight to their death, and their leaders, peter and caspian, couldn't do anything. I ALMOST CRIEEEED!

how did they manage to win, in the end? of course aslan the mighty lion saved the day. why didn't aslan come sooner, though? most of my friends were asking this question, and i believe this is the answer.
aslan did not show up because they could not show their faith. peter, the leader, did not have faith in aslan and chose to rely on his own strength. lucy, who believed in aslan, did not have the courage to find aslan on her own. when she took the leap of faith to come to him, he would show them his mercy and grace, overflowing to no end.

it's the same thing with God. people keep whining and asking why God let bad things happen in this life. truth is, they never had faith in Him in the first place! God will only work through you if you trust Him. if you trust God and do not rely on your own strengh, He will give you His power, beyond anything the world can offer. if you love Him enough to seek His face first, even when the world is against you, then He will pour all His blessings on you, more than anything you can imagine.

man, C.S. Lewis rocks!

then the second movie i saw this week was Indiana Jones! i never completely watched the previous movies, so i was kinda clueless at first. but the opening action sequence was so gripping and exciting...with nuclear bombs, no less! hard to believe a man as smart and as strong as jones could ever exist, eh?

the storyline, at first, was really interesting. with all its mystic stuff and mumbo jumbo languange and codes and clues... you don't really get to completely understand it, but you'll think it's cool nonetheless. then when it gets to the ending... you will be left dumbfounded. i was left dumbfounded, at least. people warned me of extraterrestrial beings, but i didn't imagine it to be THAT explicit and... RIDICULOUS!

long story short, the ending was downright weird. it left you feeling weird, as if spielberg and george lucas were trying to relive their glory in sci-fi movies (yeah, E.T., star wars, anyone? not with indiana jones, thankyou.) i felt totally estranged afterwards.. and the images of the alien beings disgusted me more than the skulls and dead bodies.

sorry for spoiling the two movies. but here's my verdict (like it means anything). watch the first (PRINCE CASPIAN!!), and the second one isn't so bad, until the last 40minutes or so.

waah, saturday already! what to do!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008
who are we, really? 4:15 AM

i admit in embarrassment that today is another day wasted. i dunno, lately i feel no drive to actually live my life. i know that it's wrong in every way. but i just haven't stumbled upon anything that would pull me back up and get me back in the race. everybody's so busy. i wonder, what keeps them busy?
so today i spent my day browsing through people's friendster profiles. my old friends in high school, mostly. usually i'm too "busy" to care about others, or to find out about what's going on in their lives. but now, i realized that my own pride and stupidity has been holding me back.
people live and move on with their lives--and the others are moving on with them. the train is speeding but everyone can catch a ride on it, if they care enough to check the schedule. me? i persistently, stubbornly refused to budge and just remained on the sidelines, waiting for someone to let me know when the train arrives. in the end, i was the one left alone in the station.
wow that was deep! haha i didn't know i was capable of making such deep and MEANINGFUL metaphors mmhmm mmhmm! but i'm not joking here--that's life. it's going to whoosh right past you, and if you're not ready to hop on, you're going to be left behind.
now, i know that in life, relationships hold the first priority. i regret the days that i spent struggling with my projects, days that i could use to catch up with old friends, just letting them know that i still care. and let them know that i'm still around, by the way. i'm not saying that the projects don't matter. but what good will they be when you have no one to celebrate your success with?
well, once you fall, learn your lesson and get back up. it's good to know that no matter how deep we fell, we have our Father who will undoubtedly dive down to pull us through! no matter how horrible your wounds are, He's the one who will tend to them and heal them--not just close them up. with Jesus, you can rest assured that mercy wins over justice! and i'm here to stand witness for it.
you can say i'm rambling. maybe all of this means nothing to you and you'd rather spend your 5 minutes to read someone else's blog and laugh at their self-centered photos. and maybe you hate me for being sarcastic.
i don't know. all i know right now is that i want to really, really treasure the time i have left with my loved ones. i don't want to be left behind anymore. i don't want to see their happy faces behind the glass, unable to share in their joy. i want to get on the train and enjoy the ride with the ones i care about. and i want to tell them that it was Jesus who gave me a ride to catch up with them.

Saturday, May 24, 2008
jfff 2008 11:15 AM

today i went to the main event of the jakarta food and fashion festival 2008: the carnival! wait. ermmm, okay, that wasn't totally true. fact is, i wanted to see the carnival (which is an actual parade on the street, with floats and marching bands and dancers and everything) but i couldn't find anywhere to stand without choking caused by a lack of air and dizziness from too many people. siriusly, when i came, there were probably thousands of people lining the main street, and there was nooooo way i was going to squeeze inside the nasty and unforgiving crowds of jakarta.

so i (smartly) decided to give up on watching the live parade and just watch the recording that my dad was taking. unlike my mom, my sister, and i, dad was eager to try out his new camcorder, so he was ready at the starting point of the carnival. good for him. hehe.

then mom+sis+me went to find some food instead, in the area called "Kampoeng Tempo Doeloe"--which means "Old Time Village". the organizers of this event transformed the open air area of la piazza into an actual kampong--with the old street vendors and hawker areas. in a modern, and not-so-dirty way. and it was awesome! i loved the decorations.

the food stalls on the right side, and beautiful overhead decorations

this is la piazza

mom, who insisted on taking a picture with the BECAKKKK

and this, fellas, is the official mascot of JFFF! pretty, no?

after a hasty uncomfortable dinner (nasi bebek goreng!), we watched a super awesome fireworks display. la piazza always rocks with fireworks!

then diana came by to see me, and i went along with her... wandering mindlessly to nowhere, because she just talked and talked and talked... she said they (my group of friends at home) had sooo many stories to tell. i was somewhat overwhelmed--it seemed like they had so many exciting events happening here! made me jealous: all i had was work, work, work! haha!

later i met up with mada and her brother. then we met up with mada's cousin and his friend... who seemed to be hitting on diana. i dunno leh. now my girl friends hang out with new people, and even though it is completely normal and understandable, it just feels soooo... different.

i'm not saying that my friends changed. well, maybe--but what else was i expecting? was i expecting my friends to stay exactly the same way i left them, five months ago? of course they had their own lives, apart from me. and while i found new friends in singapore, they found new friends right here.

to tell you the truth, i feel soooo... TJOEPOE! it's not that i have low confidence--i am tjoepoe (means UNCOOL) voluntarily, as in i have no objections whatsoever to being tjoepoe. i mean, i don't mind being uncool, because i'm comfortable like this. i don't need to become one of the "cool" crowd to feel secure.

it's just that, when your friends CHANGE...when their values change while mine stay the same.. it kinda surprised me a little. they didn't completely change--which makes me wonder how would i react if they did! but i know who i'm supposed to be, and i believe that i don't have to follow anyone if i'm not comfortable with it. this is not about being afraid to step out of my comfort zone. this is about knowing who you are supposed to be (whoa, deep huh?), according to HIM who created you.

oh well. call me TJOEPOE and i don't care!

btw: i still love my friends and i'm not saying that they shouldn't change. haha. just be careful of where you're going.

Thursday, May 22, 2008
back after a shower! 4:17 AM

haha, okay, now i'm back! just took a shower, and now i'm ready to speak out like a sane woman. really--what's with the weather these days! my friend said that this IS how it is in jakarta--live with it. ohh dear, i may sound so vain after only 6 months, but, hello! how i can i live like this? hahahha anyways... moving on!

today i watched 27 Dresses on dvd. that's what i'm going to be doing for the rest of my holidays: watching dvds and catching up on good flicks that i missed. despite the miserable fact that the dvd was lousy and i couldn't understand half of what they were saying, i enjoyed the movie!

the movie is about jane nichols (katherine heigl), a woman who has been a bridesmaid 27 times--the perfect angel for your wedding. she believes in true love and she knows how to appreciate other people's most memorable day: their wedding. never saying no to the bride's wishes, jane dutifully fulfills every request while hoping that one day they will also be there for her on her own special day.

okay, generally, this is another typical romantic comedy. a little bit of romance, a little bit of fun, a little bit of whimsy, a little bit of physical comedy. but in this movie, it all works perfectly! at least for me. i love the main character--she's the nicest girl-next-door you could ever find in movies and she's so strong and lovable.

the male main character, kevin (james marsden), is a cynical, too-cool-for-romance guy who ironically writes the most romantic wedding stories for the new york journal. he is one of the main reasons why this movie rocks: I LOVE JAMES MARSDEN! you have to admit it--those striking blue eyes will charm you like nothing else (i am a sucker for bright blue eyes: alexis bledel, i love you too). his character is cynical yet fun and somewhat mischievous.

also, kudos to the costume department! aesthetically, this movie is gorgeous. i love the simple chic clothing that jane wears, and the casual (droolworthy) look that kevin dons. and the 27 dresses to which we owe the title are simply charming in their own funny ways.

all in all, this is a simple adorable chick flick--i love it. the storyline is quite simple and not-that-original, but it managed to brighten up my day and the image of james marsden still lingers in my mind. tee-hee!
check out the movie's official website!

just reached indonesia 2:32 AM

i just reached indonesia two days ago--this is the moment where i'm supposed to say, "hello holiday!", right? well, i already planned out all the things that i wanted to do while i'm here... watch a bunch of dvds, hang out with friends, take watercolour lessons...

but all of those dreams were easily DESTROYED! okay, a bit exaggerating (like always), but i seriously cannot stand the HEAT here. i don't have a thermometer so i have no idea how hot it actually is. all i know is that my house's aircon sucks and there's even no aircon in my family room!

i cannot stand the heat, i seriously can't. i feel like my brain's MELTING inch by inch, and i can barely think because it's so freaking hot. am i supposed to get used to this weather? right now i'm inside my parents' room with the aircon on.. but still i feel so hot.

okay, i am sorry that i have to fuss over this in here. i wanted to post about this monday's barbecue at east coast, but i can't bloody think. maybe later tonight, after i take a shower to rejuvenate myself.