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Saturday, January 26, 2008
happy day yesterday 7:28 AM

finally after a long time of dreary days... i could get some real fun! to tell you the truth i've been feeling quite under pressure since the start of school. it's that i can't seem to get over my old class--i miss 1M so much--and if i compare this class to my old class... well let's just say i'll be sulking my whole semester.

but who says i want to spend my school year in gloom? NOT ME.

anyways after my first class, i was planning to go to little india with meiman and dinda--we had to take pictures for john's class. just as i was coming downstairs, i met ika and yee pin at the foyer! hahah it's been a long time since i spoke to yee pin--she's a very cheerful girl that became my very first friend in nafa. and she's just as noisy as ever. now she's in the same class as ika so it's kinda even funnier. hehehe.

then meiman introduced me to her friends: miki (sp?) and jazz. i'm so glad that they turned out to be really nice people--and i'm not saying this because i'm nice even tho I AM HAHA--they're really friendly, friendlier than most of my current classmates XP we ate near school and then our new friends gave us some joke questions.. aiyah singaporean jokes lah!

Q: What MRT station used to be a Teletubby?
Clue: it's the GREEN line.
A: Ex-PO!! *topples over*

Hahaha. RIDIKKULUS RIGHT?? but i think it's funny lehhhhhehehehehehhehe...

so after lunch we already lost half our might to go little india, because it was 1pm already and we have class at 3. then we met their friend, an indonesian, shienny. we asked her to come along and she said go to her place to put her stuff first... so we followed suit...

turns out her place is QUITE FAR to walk to... must go sophia road all the way through. and then at first glance, her place was kind of... spooky, i must say. it was an old building and it seemed as if it was once used as a hotel or some sort.

then by the time we sat down in shienny's room...

meiman: "ah i don't wanna go little india already, no mood... let's go sunday."

HAHAHA. so much for determination.

so then we chose to spend the rest of our time the best way we know how: PHOTO TAKING! meiman was so excited to take pictures cuz she thought the place was "vintage"... i don't really think so myself, but everyone was happy to join in anyway. and for the first time in two weeks, i felt free--i felt like i could entirely be myself, even with new people.

one of my friends told me that she knew some of the people in my class and she tells me that they're pretty snobby. i won't be a tattletale and give out names, but i think she's right. they won't even look at me outside class, let alone offer a nice smile. geez.

anyway, around 2.30, we were all tired from the photo taking session, so we decided to go back to school and slack around in the library. we stopped by cold storage to grab some light snacks in the way =D

i tried to take a nap in the library but i couldn't sleep.. then we exchanged email addys... then finally it's time to go to class. ironically, the last class of the week is the most, um, THRILLING class of all. it's one of the most important classes, i think: Fundamental Graphic Design & Advertising. the teacher is also a very strict and experienced one.

but before i go to class, i met ley kim and kaiming and yulin!! i was so excited to see kim and kaiming cuz they're the only persons from 1M that i haven't seen since school started. so i rushed over to them and we chatted for a while. kim said darran is planning a class--um, ex-class gathering. i can't wait.

i guess, you really never realize the value of what you've got 'til it's gone.
i really miss my old class, 1M. i know i mustn't live in the past, but they were really, really great. i've always felt that in 1M, we're like one big ol' family. there were never any particular "cliques" or separate, exclusive groups. we can get along with each other very well, and none of us stick out like a sore... what's it called?? i forgot what's the idiom hahah. sore wound?? aiyo wtv larh. anyway, i feel like we were very ordinary people, average people, perhaps even BORING people, haha. that's why we can get along nicely. it was a blessing to know them!

okae okae, enough sappy moments.

i was exhausted when the class began, but just like everybody else, i sat up straight to listen to every word the lecturer had to say. i guess he got a certain charisma of a designer--it seems like he really knows his stuff, he's been through everything in the design industry. we got a lot of projects from him, but as geeky as it may sound, i'm excited!

well it's quite late already. tonight i met miki and jazz again at church! i didn't know they also go to chc... hehehe. i guess i gotta wrap up now. tomorrow go little india. seriously, this time. hehe!

Sunday, January 20, 2008
obsessed with VIRTUAL VILLAGERS!! 6:41 PM

well, yes, i have totally succumbed to the temptations of mini-gaming.

hahaha. what i call mini-games are basically games that you can simply download off gamehouse.com, games like diner dash, feeding frenzy, etc. well you can of course buy the full version, but being the dedicated indonesian that i am, i don't go buying when i can just download.

oh. and firstly i apologize to all indonesians that may be offended 'cuz the way i'm implying that indonesians are stinky no-good pirates. THAT IS SOOO WRONG. we are stinky, VERY GOOD pirates =D *gets stabbed*


okiedokie, so the cool thing is my roommates and i are all into these games. sometimes someone would download a new game then play it then share it to everybody else, and vice versa. that's why if you visit my room around 8pm then you would likely discover three teenage girls on their respective beds, concentrating very seriously on their games. respectively.

ah, anyway, the latest craze to storm my room is: VIRTUAL VILLAGERS 2!!

so the game is about building your own village and helping your villagers survive. a sort-of-like-age-of-empires kinda thing, only much simpler. your villagers are only mini mini sprites that walk around funny... the funnest part is because the game plays real time, so even if you turn your computer off, the time still passes.

now every day after we go back from school we would rush home to check our villagers. late at night we would compare each other's villages. we name our villagers our friends' names. we are practically getting OBSESSED with this game, if not already.



Monday, January 14, 2008
first day of school 5:50 PM

let me begin this post by screaming out: "WHY CAN'T I DOWNLOAD MUSIC FROM MULTIPLY ANYMORE??" omg this is so unfair! i've been relying on multiply to supply my music needs, and now it decides to REMOVE the "download" button?? WTH LAH! i'm trying to find new alternatives right now... wish me luck gegegegege...

(yes, i know that i am overly selfish and unfair for the artists. but a broke girl's gotta do what a broke girl's gotta do, man.)


my class starts at 3 so i had a lot of time to spend before school. i met up with sandra and junzhu--separately--and i had lunch with zhu and her friend esther! man it feels great to see them again, because they make nafa feel like home =D

ooh anyway, i met rebecca too. and the moment she saw me, her eyes widened, and she started to pinch my cheeks all over, and said, "CLARISSA WHAT DID YOU EAAAAT??" *stab stab stab* lolz. and i was like, "What? What?? Why??? Did I grow fat???" and then becs honestly replied, "YEEEESSSS!!!"

omg it was so funny. hahahahahhaha. okay, then i did a simple math of myself. when i came back from singapore to jakarta, people in jakarta said i'm fatter. and now when i come back to singapore FROM JAKARTA, singaporeans said I'M FATTER!! so that means i've grown fat TWICE!! *______* oh dear. curse all the good food in this world.

after lunch i went to popular to buy (finally) The Purpose Driven Life. then i went back home and tried to nap, but i couldn't, because i was so nervous about my class and my heart was just pounding its way out of my chest!

alas, the dreaded class begins. i arrived around 2.55, so i was almost late, so to speak. i met ika in the elevator. then i walked into the classroom to see two lines of people sitting face to face in a weird seat arrangement. i chose the seat in the very back, and sat next to a familiar face--a friend of a friend.

now i guess i'm quite lucky, i'm in 1 L (1 LALA LOH), and i have 3 other indonesians in my class (god answered my prayers, thankYOUUU!) and i have 2 ex-1M classmates with me, qayum and shekyn. thing is, i wasn't very close to them so i dunno lah.

my first impression of the class was... creepy. they were soooooo quiet. can't blame them tho, cause i'm known to be silent myself at first. then after a while, the lecturer began the lesson. he started with the typical introduction... and said that it was his first time teaching. i noticed he had a different kind of english from other singaporeans and i was right--he just came back from the US.

in short, he managed to share some points about the design industry--helpful for me, i guess. it's always interesting for me to find out more about my future environment. we had to introduce ourselves. hhhhh. we finished the class after 2 exercises and 1 project briefing. the project seems very fun: we had to design a watch face!! OOH!!

anyway, i guess in the end, everyone was just as nervous as me. so i don't think i should feel so strange about myself, right? i just hope i can make good friends in this class, and have fun in the process. last night cecile said that this class will go on until the second year, soooo BETTER ENJOY THE CLASS.

last night, when jez, ika, and i came to the 7th floor to wash our clothes, we dropped by cecile's room. i missed her and the others! we talked and laughed and then she asked us to accompany her to the 6th floor to give away brownies (NOTE TO ALL SINGAPOREANS: GO BANDUNG MUST EAT BROWNIES. BEST BROWNIES EVER) i honestly felt very weird about going to the 6th floor cuz it's all boys rooms. erm, yeah, i guess it's because we've only kept to ourselves all this time.

from there we went to evi's room and we had the chance to peek at her old works (she's a sophomore in nafa interior design course) bloody scary! i mean it looked so good but i bet it was so tough to do. then i felt so glad that i'm not in ID. i would totally suck in all the technical drawing projects.

... when i go down to other floors of my hostel, everybody knows everybody. and it made me realize that i haven't really socialized with others. of course it's mostly because 9th floor, my floor, is kinda secluded, because there're only a few people here, and downstairs... well, it's just so different, you know. now i know that i'm missing out on so much. gee.

anyway, must wrap out the entry now 'cause it's time for me to get ready. school starts at 12. hehe. hope i have a better day with my new class!